Blackjack Dictionary

Blackjack: when a player has a total of 21 with his/her first two cards.

Box: the ring/square where a player places the ante or bet. There are seven boxes at a regular casino blackjack table.

Bust: when a player has a total of more than 21, he goes or is bust.

Chips: the pieces of metal/plastic that represent a value within a casino.

Croupier: a French word for the term dealer.

Dealer: the person who leads the game deals the cards and does all the paying out of winnings.

Even money: odds of one to one.

First base: the name that is given to the first position at a table, the player to receive his/her cards first.

Hard 17: when the dealer has a total of 17 not including an ace or including an ace that counts as 1.

Hit: to receive an additional card.

Initial deal: when all players have two cards and the bank has a card showing, just before the hitting and standing begins.

Insurance: when a player insures his/her initial bet against the bank getting blackjack.

Shoe: piece of equipment that a dealer uses to hold and deal cards from in a safe and secure manner.

Soft 17: when the dealer has a total of 17 including an ace which is counting as 11.

Split: when two cards with the same value are dealt the player has the opportunity to play the hands separately, receiving one extra card on each split hand.

Stand: when a player does not wish to receive any additional cards.

Stock: the term used for a standard deck of 52 cards.