Bonus Blackjack

Bonus blackjack is not really a variation but more of an addition to any of the other variations and it gives the player the opportunity to place side best on certain outcomes. Bonus blackjack is generally not too complicated but has just like every variation a few different rules that you need to know before you start. There are several forms of bonus blackjack but generally it is played with one or two decks of 52 cards which are shuffled every time a new game begins which means that the chance of being able to count cards has been taken down to a minimum. This does not mean that you are not sometimes very able to make an educated guess as to what kind of card might be coming. If a table shows 12 cards with a value of ten, then you know that there are only a few left so you know the odds of receiving a card with a value of ten have decreased.

There are various forms of Bonus Blackjack but in all of them when you place your initial bet you can also place a bet in the bonus ring. By placing a bet in the bonus ring you are betting on a variety of outcomes depending on the table at which you are seated but for example you could be betting on two cards with the same suit or a blackjack consisting of a Jack and an Ace. This is a side bet and is only for your first two cards (initial deal) and not for any other cards you may draw during the game. If you win the bonus bet you will get paid according to the pay table which again depending on the game you are playing could be something like; Jack and Ace of Spades: 50:1 or Jack and Ace of any suit: 25:1 or any two cards with the same suit: 5:2. These are only examples so check out the rules of the table you are playing. Just like all the different side bets available at blackjack, bonus blackjack is no different in that they are not in your favour and if you are inclined to do the maths you will soon see that the pay out on the different combinations do not at all match up with the probability of getting these combinations but as we have said many times before gambling at an online casino is a form of entertainment and if your idea of entertainment is a high risk high reward strategy then by all means go for it but bear in mind that if you place this bet always you will end up losing. This kind of side bet can of course make a big difference if you get blackjack of Ace and Jack of spades. This will pay you 50:1 and no doubt bring your balance well into the plus. It is a fun thing to do if you are looking to make some real money and are willing to take the risk.

In some online casinos they also run a progressive jackpot games to which you can contribute and as an example at Paddy Power blackjack the bonus bet regularly runs up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands euro and to win it you need to be dealt four consecutive aces starting with the first card dealt in your hand. This sort of progressive jackpot is contributed to by all online casinos that are running that particular casino software and blackjack game. Along with Switch blackjack and surrender blackjack bonus blackjack is one of the more popular options of the game although the purists will rarely place bets on these options. Blackjack variations are increasing all the time as online casinos think of new ways to allow side bets but the true game of blackjack reaims the same.