Multihand Blackjack

Multihand blackjack has to be one of the most common forms of blackjack and it has the extra advantage of being able to play more hands at the same table which in turn means that you get to see more cards although to counteract this advantage casinos will often use multiple decks that are shuffled every time a new game begins. There is generally no limitation on how many hands you are allowed to play in a land based casino but online casinos often restrict you to three or five but if you are new to the game just keep it to two and no more until you have built up some experience. Unlike in switch blackjack where you must place the same bet on both hands, in true multihand blackjack you can place different bets on different hands and the amount you bet may also differ per round so if you see that a particular box is doing well then you can place more there and less somewhere else. Some blackjack players like to spread their bets around and do so by playing two or more hands. In this way you can take a little more risk with one of your hands if you know that your second hand is good so if your first hand loses then you can always fall back on your second hand, which will recover your loss from the first hand although as with all blackjack games you must place your ante before any cards are dealt. Playing more hands than two requires a good deal of skill to be good at it and not just treat it as playing separate hands; it is not something you do for the fun unless you have plenty to lose but of course you can also win more.

When playing six hands of blackjack you can win six times as much if the dealer goes bust but you can also lose six times as much if the dealer gets a blackjack or beats all the hands. Better blackjack players try to keep track of what cards are left in the deck based on the fact that they can see more cards and make decisions on quick calculations which is why multihand blackjack is played with multiple decks to make this difficult. If you are a novice at the game then stay away from this variation of blackjack until you understand the game and are able to crunch the numbers fast and accurately.

A good player will treat each hand as part of the whole and the idea will be to make the hands in total produce a profit and not necessarily each one individually. In general this is not a variation of the game that you play for fun such as, surrender blackjack or switch blackjack; you would normally only play multihand blackjack  if you are experienced and you want to do some serious gambling. In a real casino and not an online casino you can usually watch people play. You will quite often see people playing multiple hands at the higher limit tables. They usually only play two hands unless the bank is showing weakness or they are on a winning streak. You will see that they use one hand as the risk hand and hit on high totals like 16 and the other hand will be their backup plan. This way you spread your bets around a little more and have more control of the game but you have to be willing to lose.

It is also not unusual in a land based casino to find that a dealer will not start dealing until 2 or 3 boxes are occupied which is where the multihand player has no problem. In an online casino most of them place multihand blackjack as a separate game but this is purely a function of the software you should be able to play multihand blackjack accompanied by any of the other variations that we have covered such as bonus blackjack, switch blackjack or even at the live blackjack tables. There is no doubt that playing multiple hands raises the excitement level but it also raises the risk and reward game and your 5 euro hand is now 25 euro per deal but if that is what you want and you are feeling confident about your blackjack play then one of the multihand options available could be for you.