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Whatever your gambling needs are they can be found at Paddy Power, the best known and probably largest bookmaker in Ireland that operates through high street shops as well as online and by telephone. Paddy Power was created in 1988 by three existing Irish bookmakers merging together and today operates over 200 retail shops in Ireland and getting on for 100 in the UK adding operations in Australia and France in 2009.and had a turnover of more than €2 billion in 2008 and is listed on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges. The turnover of the company runs into the billions of Euro and it is listed on both the Dublin and London Stock Exchanges since 2000 making it an extremely trustworthy company with whom to deal and needless to say the company fulfills all the necessary regulatory requirements as well some voluntary codes of practice. The unique element of Paddy Power is their claim to be “The Punter Friendly Bookmaker” and has become renown for both its somewhat quirky and sometimes controversial advertising but also for the “Money Back Specials which are worth looking out for.

Paddy Power has a complete range of online betting which includes sports, poker, games, bingo, lotteries and of course online casino and it is here that you will find online blackjack. You only need to create your account once and once registered with Paddy Power Casino you can easily switch between the various gambling opportunities and you can operate everything from one central account although you may be required to switch your money from one area of the site to another which is very easily done. Paddy Power Casino provides a choice of Instant casino requiring no download or the download casino which has a greater range of games and finally there is live casino where live blackjack is available. Casino games at the live casino are limited to those where there is a dealer such as Roulette, Baccarat and of course Blackjack so if you enjoy the interaction and chatting to a dealer while playing blackjack then Paddy Power Live Casino might be the place for you.

Blackjack at Paddy power can be played at both the instant and download casinos and there are enough variations in the game to keep everybody happy so we recommend trying a few of the different ones. For example as well as traditional Blackjack Paddy Power casino has what is called Vegas 20+ Bonus™ where there is a side bet which pays out if you have a blackjack or indeed if your first two cards total 20; the payout depends on what happens but for a tie when you have blackjack (in other words the dealer also has blackjack) the side bet pays out at 30:1 and if you win with your blackjack the side bet pays at 3:1 in addition to your regular stake paying the customary 3:2. Even if your first two cards total 20 you can still win the side bet at 20:1 if you lose, 10:1 if there is a push and 2:1 if you win. For those of you who think that playing just one hand of blackjack is too slow you can go to Paddy Power Multi Hand Blackjack and play three hands at the same time against the dealer and there is even a version with a bonus side bet for a blackjack. If you have placed this side bet and get dealt a blackjack you win the side bet at odds of up to 1000:1 which is quite a nice earner. The variations go on and on at Paddy Power blackjack from more simple games such as “Top Hat” Blackjack whereby you can gamble and double a win on a high/low variation or “Hot Streak Blackjack” where the side bet pays increasing odds for successive winning hands; two wins pays 3:2, three wins pays 3:1 and four successive wins pays 6:1 in addition of course to what you have won on the regular game.

Power Blackjack™ at Paddy Power casino gives you two additional possible moves which are the power split and the power double. The power split allows you to split any hard 15 or 16 into two separate hands which are then played independently which can reduce your chances of losing on a weak hand and more interestingly if you double down your dealt cards (double your bet and receive one extra card only) if you do not like the third card the power double allows you exchange that card for a different card. As both these options give the blackjack player an advantage there is a compensatory dealer advantage in that if the dealer draws 22 then all bets are a push. Nevertheless this is an interesting take on the game. Probably the most unique of all the blackjack games on offer at Paddy Power Casino is 21+3® Blackjack which is a combination of blackjack and three card poker which may appeal to the poker players amongst you. Once again it is a side bet so there is no obligation to play it every hand but if you do, as well as playing the regular blackjack game your first two cards dealt together with the dealer “up” card forma three card poker hand which pays out according to the value of the hand. The payouts at this blackjack game start at 5:1 for a flush, 10:1 for a straight, 33:1 for a non suited three of a kind, 35:1 for a straight flush and 100:1 for a suited three of a kind. Playing two games at the same time can be fun. As you can see playing blackjack at Paddy Power Casino has plenty of variation and you will be at one of the best known and most trusted online casinos in Ireland.