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Party Casino which is part of party Gaming Inc, was started online back in 1997 making it one of the pioneers of the online casino industry and in fact it was for some time the leader in the industry and the one that others attempted to copy. Still today even though the online casino from Party casino is not the largest it remains very popular and has many loyal customers all over the globe. Party casino which is where the online blackjack can be found is one of a number of sites and names such as Party Bets which operates the sports gambling, PartyGammon which operates the backgammon games, Party Bingo and who has not heard of the famous Party Poker which is probably the best known Poker site in the world. Despite all these different names and web sites they can all operate from one banking system making it easy to switch cash from one to another but for Blackjack you need to be at Party Casino.

Party casino does in fact have loads of options of blackjack but unlike some other online casinos you will need to create an account and sign in to find them. There are also free blackjack and live blackjack options but once again you will need to log in to access the feature but it is not necessary to deposit funds to start with so you can investigate first. The classic blackjack game is available at Party Casino in multihand blackjack which gives you the opportunity to play five blackjack hands each deal and the stakes are anything between $1 and $500 per hand. The classic blackjack game is played with 8 decks and the decks are shuffled after only 20% of the cards are dealt so the advantage of playing five hands to see more cards fall is somewhat neutralised. The dealer draws to soft 17 and all the other features of the blackjack game are there including splitting (only one split allowed), insurance which pays 2:1, double down even after splitting but only one more card is dealt and the surrender option when offered. Split aces also only receive one card which is normal in the traditional or classic version of the blackjack game. One interesting feature of the Party casino blackjack is the ability of the player to customise the table in terms of colour and using the turbo option to determine the speed of the game; this is particularly useful to experienced blackjack players who like to get on with it.

For those blackjack players that like the side bet games Party Casino will not disappoint. The bonus pairs game is played as the classic game except that table limits are $1 to $200 and of course the pairs bet is totally separate from the main blackjack game. A mixed pair pays out at odds of 6:1, a coloured pair pays out at 12:1 and the perfect pair pays out at 25:1. These pefect pair odds may not be as large as some other online casinos but you also need to take inot account the number of decks in use. Many blackjack players prefer the single deck game which is also available but table stakes are restricted to $1 to$100 per game which is enough for most players and all other rules are the same as in classic blackjack. Blackjack games are available at either the download casino which we recommend or at the instant casino requiring no download. There may not be the variation of side bet blackjack games that are available at some other online casinos but Party Casino is directing itself more at the blackjack player that wants to play an honest and traditional game where the chances of winning are reasonable and it definitely succeeds in doing that. For the really serious player Party Casino has a high limit blackjack table with minimum stakes of $100 and maximum stake of $1000 per hand. Party Casino has of course a full range of supporting casino games for you to enjoy if you fancy a change from blackjack.

All in all Party Casino blackjack is possibly for the more serious player who likes to play and test their skill at the game without the side bets and there is even the chance to test your skill against other players and then of course the live dealer option if you prefer a bit of chat along the way.