Switch Blackjack

Switch Blackjack is another variation of the blackjack game that we all know. The difference between this game and the regular blackjack is that you always play two hands which makes it some form of multihand blackjack and that you can switch the cards around to make the best hands. This means that, for example if your first hand you get dealt is an Ace and a 5 and your second hand get a 10 and a 6. These are not great hands because they are totalling respectively, 6/16 and 16.

In switch blackjack you now have the option to switch the cards around to get the best hand. The best option here would be to switch the cards around so that you get the following hands, Blackjack and 11. Some online casinos will only allow you to switch the top cards from each hand so watch for the rules applicable to the switch blackajck game you are playing. Just before we get carried away into thinking now, great, I can’t lose let us also consider what the casino demands in return for having this option which is clearly a big advantage and as you must know by now everything within a casino whether it is an online casino or a land based casino has a price.

Switch blackjack rules are nearly the same as regular blackjack rules but there are a few slight differences that are very important; firstly the online casino has brought 22 into the game and whereas this would normally bust the dealer, in switch blackjack all hands are a push if the dealer gets 22 except of course blackjack which continues to be a winning hand. Secondly blackjack no longer pays out at 3:2 as it would in a normal blackjack game but only pays at 1:1 or even money but bear in mind that your chances of getting blackjack are much increased when you can switch cards. Thirdly if the dealer has a soft 17 they will always draw an additional card but again this could work to your advantage as well as disadvantage. When you are playing switch blackjack you are only allowed to switch your cards before you make any decisions on hitting or standing and only once you are happy with the combinations of the cards will the game proceed as normal. The normal blackjack rules apply and you are allowed to hit, stand, double, split and take insurance or do whatever you wish that is allowed on that particular table. There is often a box in between the two hands that allows you to make an extra side bet. This side bet is called “bonus bet” or “super match” and gives you yet another opportunity to bet more money and comes under the heading of bonus blackjack. If you bet here you are betting on a pair showing in the initial deal. For example, if you’re first hand is a queen and a six and your second hand is a queen and a king, you have a pair and you win the bet. The win ratios are always written on the table so that you know how much you will receive. There is no standard win ratio because you can also get three cards the same or even if you are very lucky, four cards the same. This side bet has no effect on the normal playing of the game. Whilst this might seem an attractive  added option, as with other side bets please look at the statistics before you get too enthusiastic.

A casino does not like giving away money so as you can probably imagine, the odds are against you when you are making this bet. It does not mean that you should never do it but if you do it every time you will lose. If you feel lucky, by all means, give it a try, you might even get four the same and be laughing when you leave. Switch blackjack is a good game if you are looking for a bit of fun but if you are looking to make big money then you are better of sticking to regular blackjack, as the odds are slightly more favourable. Not every online casino offers switch blackjack and of those that do some will only give you the chance to switch the two top cards from each hand so check the individual rules at the online casino you are playing. Paddy Power casino is one such online casino that offers the game but only allows the top cards from each hand to be switched. We have also never encountered switch blackjack at any of the live casino tables but if you do let us know.