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Blackjack at Ladbrokes Casino

Anytime that we think of a bookmaker here in Ireland one of the names that is bound to come up is Ladbrokes as it is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the gambling world dating back to 1886. Betting shops were of course only made legal in the UK in 1961 and it was not until 2000 that Ladbrokes started the online gambling business and the online casino but for online blackjack you will struggle to find a better online casino with the range of blackjack games that Ladbrokes casino can offer. For those of you who think that blackjack is blackjack you will probably be surprised to hear that Ladbrokes has no less than 25 variations of the game on the instant casino and blackjack is also available at the download casino and as live blackjack at the live casino.
Starting with the ever popular Atlantic City Blackjack Ladbrokes has a choice of single hand or multihand and a gold version which provides for higher stakes. In the standard Atlantic City blackjack game all the normal rules apply and you are allowed to double down after a split and split three times except for Aces and of course Aces only receive one card. If you fancy multihand Atlantic City you can play up to 5 hands at once with the same rules but Ladbrokes casino uses 8 decks for this game making card counting more difficult. For those that wish to play for higher stakes there is Ladbrokes Multihand Gold blackjack where stakes can vary from €1 to €500 per hand. If you don’t like the idea of 8 deck blackjack then Ladbrokes blackjack has Big 5 Blackjack Gold which use sonly 5 decks and dealer will hit on soft 17 and insurance and early surrender as in surrender blackjack are both permitted. If you are not familiar with these terms and their meaning we suggest you look further at our blackjack pages here at where they are explained.
For the really serious blackjack players amongst you there is no better place than Ladbrokes blackjack where there are special tables for high limit players with stakes from €100 to €5000 per hand. These games only allow one hand to be played and two standard decks are used which are shuffled between every game; dealer must stand on any 17. If you are playing for this sort of stakes you may find live blackjack at Ladbrokes live casino also suitable. The classic game of blackjack can also be found here at Ladbrokes blackjack; this game is played with one deck only which is shuffled after each round and all the usual features of blackjack at 3:2 and insurance paying 2:1 are present. Dealer must stand on all 17s and there is no such thing as surrender so you play every hand. Stakes vary at Ladbrokes classic blackjack from €2 to €1000 per hand or at the Gold version from €1 to €200 per hand. Classic blackjack multihand is played with 5 decks but all the normal rules as outlined apply.
Something different from the standard blackjack game available at Ladbrokes online casino which can also be worth a try is called “Double Exposure” blackjack and in this blackjack game both the dealers cards are exposed which in theory gives the player an advantage. There are of course complementary advantages to the dealer for example that the dealer wins in the case of a tie except for blackjack instead of the hand being a push in normal blackjack; blackjack is also only paid at 1:1 and there is no insurance available. Nevertheless, the player can split any ten value cards and can double down on 9, 10 or 11 so for a bit of variation it can be a lot of fun. Stakes vary from €1 to €200 per hand.
Ladbrokes casino also has a range of blackjack games with side bets such as Hi Lo 13 blackjack in which you can place a bet on the outcome of your first two cards; a bet on the cards totaling over 13 or totaling under 13 pays out at odds of 1:1 but if you are lucky enough to hit 13 (not particularly good from a blackjack point of view) you get paid out at odds of 10:1. Only two decks are used in the game and of course you continue to lay your blackjack hand as normal. Another side bet blackjack game at Ladbrokes casino involves a sequence of winning hands and is called “high streak” blackjack whereby your side bet wins at 1:1 for the first winning hand, 2:1 for the second consecutive winning hand, 5:1 for the third successive winning hand and 10:1 if you can string four winning hands together. This is certainly a way of capitalizing on a winning streak. Ladbrokes also offers a pairs game called “Perfect Pairs European blackjack” which can also be played multihanded and the idea is to win if you get dealt a pair in your first two cards. This is again a side bet game so there is no obligation to bet but a mixed pair pays out at 7:1, a coloured pair (red or black) pays at 10:1 and a perfect pair which is two identical cards will get you 30:1. A word of warning g however is that the game is played with only two decks so making a perfect pair can be very difficult but on the other hand a multihand game played with only two decks gives you a good chance to see a few more cards.
Ladbrokes casino also offers a Spanish version of the blackjack game which uses a Spanish deck of cards which only has 48 cards the missing ones being the four tens. Rues for Spanish blackjack include the dealer drawing on soft 17 and peeking on tens and aces but insurance and late surrender are available. The list of blackjack game s at Ladbrokes blackjack is endless so register and choose the game that suits you best.