Welcome to the number one site in Ireland that is dedicated to Blackjack where there are overviews of the various forms of the game and even more important how to play them. The origins of Blackjack are a little unclear but it is thought to have been around since the early 17th century or even earlier in France and Spain and indeed it is also known in some countries as Vingt et Un or Twenty One. The name Blackjack is thought to come from the time that the game was introduced in the United States when the gambling houses provided an additional bonus if your dealt hand was the ace of spades and a black jack (clubs or spades). Blackjack in Ireland probably started as Pontoon which whilst being very similar is in fact a different game. If you already know how to play then please just choose one of the online casinos that we list here at and have fun!

CasinoCasino Blackjack

CasinoCasino is the new kid on the block catering specifically for the online casino market and it provides a good choice of blackjack games. CasinoCasino is a flash/HTML5 only casino but does offer Irish blackjack players a unique live casino experience which is streamed directly from the actual studio in Malta rather than from some room in Eastern Europe; which means that the dealers are both professional in what they do and their English language capability is good. CasinoCasino is also registered and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and the UK. For Irish blackjack players CasinoCasino has a good variety of table stakes which range from €0.10 on a low limit table right up to €1,000 on a high limit table but CasinoCasino does not go in for the side bets that you can sometimes encounter when playing blackjack; this blackjack is the simple game with Blackjack paying 3:2 and insurance paying 2:1. Powered by the well known Netent casino software CasinoCasino also has a full range of other casino games on the site but we are sure you will enjoy playing blackjack at this brand new online casino.

This is an online casino site dedicated to the Irish gambler where several different recommendations for online casinos can be found. There are many different casinos which you can play at but at they have made your life a bit easier by doing the investigation and short listing a few for you that are known to be honest and safe. The site also tells you about many different popular casino games like Blackjack and Roulette as well as less popular ones such as Let it Ride Poker or the dice game Sic Bo. As an online gambling site we highly recommend it to our visitors as it has good articles for anyone looking for information about many of the online casino providers that are out there and a good range of casino game explanations including in some cases tips on how to improve your chances of winning whilst always recognising that luck plays a majot part.

Paddy Power Blackjack

Paddy Power is probably the best known Irish online casino that carries many different casino games on the site and indeed all the different forms of real money and free blackjack described on these pages can also be found at Paddy Power Online Casino. Paddy power Casino also has many other games such as Roulette and Baccarat and it is a very well known and trustworthy online casino where you can play blackjack and many other great casino games with complete security. Paddy Power blackjack can be played in either instant format or download format or at the live casino playing against live dealers. A full review of Paddy Power casino can be found under our blackjack casino reviews heading and there is an interesting choice of bonus games and for those who like playing more than one hand there is a selection of multihamd games. Paddy Power casino will keep blackjack interesting with many different side bets being possible.

888 Casino

888 casino is solely an online casino having no high street shops anywhere but they are very focused on the game of blackjack. At 888 casino you can find every different kind from, regular blackjack to switch blackjack and many more besides and if you want to know more about these different games then look at the right hand column to find an explanation of all the different blackjack forms. 888 casino has been in the business for long time and blackjack is just one of the many games available at the online casino; a full description of the offerings available at 888 casino can be found under our blackjack casino reviews heading. 888 casino has a rather unique offering called “Crazy Blackjack” where a number of different side bets can be placed but if traditional blackjack online is your choice of game you will find tables to suit all pockets at 888 casino.

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes casino is a well known brand in both the online casino world and as a high street bookmaker in Ireland. Ladbrokes casino is definitely one of the better casinos on the internet and also has a wide range of different blackjack games to offer. The assortment is just as large if not larger than the other online casinos mentioned and they have some interesting varieties from which to choose including a multihand blackjack version offering you the chance to play 5 hands at the same table. For the serious player blackjack at Ladbrokes online casino can be played for anything up to €5000 per hand at special high limit tables but smaller stakes tables are of course also available. An interesting option is “Double Exposure blackjack where both of the dealers cards are exposed which gives the player an advantage but there are advantages to the dealer as well so read the rules carefully. If you are looking for a good trustworthy online casino with a complete range of casino games then Ladbrokes casino must be one for your shortlist and of course there is a full range of other gambling opportunities as well.

Party Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21 or pontoon is one of the most famous casino card games in the world and probably nearly everybody has played 21 at home or with friends at some point in their lives and the fact that most people know how to play is probably the reason why playing blackjack is so popular. Party Casino is another of the solely online casinos having no bricks and mortar casinos or betting shops but that does allow for specialisation and indeed Party Casino has great blackjack games and is one of the finest online casinos on the internet and offers great bonuses for new players as they do in their well known poker room, Party Poker. Party Casino is part of Party Gaming Inc. which offers many different online gambling opportunities. A full description of Party Casino can be found under our blackjack casino reviews heading but some of the more interesting variations include a bonus pairs game which runs alongside the traditional blackjack and getting dealt a pair wins you money. A single deck game is also available at Party Casino with table stakes to suit most pockets.